Light Sensitivity At Work?

Light Sensitivity At Work?

The SuperVisor®

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What is SuperVisor?

If you have light sensitivity or are affected by overhead lighting or natural light from a window which you are unable to control without affecting others, then try SuperVisor®.

SuperVisor® is a product designed to block or limit the level of either artificial or natural light from a person’s field of view in order to create a more comfortable environment.  It consists of a lightweight visor mounted on a spring balanced arm via a special lockable ball joint.  This makes the entire system fully adjustable in both height and visor angle allowing the user to position it to meet their individual requirements.


Who is the SuperVisor for?

Many of our clients have impaired vision but lighting can also affect other people who find it extremely uncomfortable and difficult to function when lighting levels are not adjustable.

It has also been identified that the SuperVisor® can benefit people with conditions such as Aspergers and Autism by reducing the amount of exposure to movement in the user’s field of vision. People who have Dyslexia with traits such as Scotopic Sensitivities and Irlens Syndrome can benefit from SuperVisor® by using it to directly reduce the amount of light within their immediate environment.  This can instantly reduce the level of glare on hard copy documents.

SuperVisor® is far more effective than traditional light reducing methods such as peaked caps or shaded glasses which are often inappropriate for the work environment. 

SuperVisor® is a professional solution to light sensitivity, migraine headaches and migraine symptoms and it merely appears as a standard piece of desk apparatus, allowing it to blend more naturally into a working environment.


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